Do you have room for a 24 inch kick drum?

These little dogs have a ton of bite

Then you have plenty of room for one of Taye Drums’ most popular additions to their line.

Having received rave reviews from the industry and players alike, the Taye Drums’ GoKit has added two new colors.  Black Micro-flake and Blue Micro-flake are the newest colors to the two existing colors (White Pearl and Antique Honey).  Using the Taye Classic Design™, these drums offer the perfect sizes for drummers who need space for practice, small rooms, restaurant gigs and churches all while not compromising on sound.

Using a custom, premium Birch & Basswood shell recipe, the shallow sizes and reduced diameters promote portability and a lightening quick response.  Now with this added new color, you can look almost as good as you sound.  Funky looking, neo-modern, and edgy, the GoKit will play any music you throw at it, from drum ‘n’ bass to fusion to bop to Latin. The GoKit is a big sounding kit that will stow easily in small cars, but it won’t make your stereo sound any better.

See your Taye dealer to check it out for yourself or take a look at Taye Drums.


Dont be so blue

Don't be so "blue"






One Response to “Do you have room for a 24 inch kick drum?”

  1. flakyfoont Says:

    I have a 17 x 26 Ludwig marching drum I use. The size is awesome. I imagine the Taye is way nicer (and round in the bargain…)

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