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See Taye Drums, Love Taye Drums….get stuff

October 29, 2008

Don’t we all love SWAG?  Wikipedia says, (I love the W)

Invented acronyms in modern slang

The modern usage of the word “swag” has been subject of a number of acronyms[1], usually for humorous effect, such as “Scientific Wild-Ass Guess”, or backronyms, such as “Stuff We All Get” (in reference to the word’s American usage). While use of the word “swag” can be cited as far back as 700 years[2], slang acronyms such as these are modern inventions, and as with all backronyms, are not related to the word’s true etymology.

Anyway, we would love some love from you lovely people.

The best pun on Twitter about “Taye” gets a shirt…(or maybe the top 3, you never know what will happen with Taye Drums!)

I will let ya’ll know!  It’s too punny for me…..woohoo…ok..ok…I have to stop.


Did you get your banner ad today?

October 17, 2008

get your Taye Banner here!!!!

I would love my Taye Guys and Girls to Taye up and let ’em know who rocks your socks!

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Don’t Miss Taye at the 4th Annual Drumathon!

October 17, 2008

Taye Drums donates to the Visible School’s 4th annual Drumathon which will be streamed live online on Drummer Talk on October 24th, 2008.

In an effort to visit PASIC 2008 in Columbus, OH; Visible School’s Director of Percussion and founder of Drummer Talk, Dave Kropf will be rounding up the percussion students and others to play drums and percussion for 24 hours. Each participant will have sponsors per hour of playing. You can donate, too at the Visible School’s site.

Taye Drums is proud to participate by donating a GoKit in Black Micro Flake (GK518F-BKM) for their “Pay to Play” portion of Drumathon. To play this kit one of the audience members pays $1 per minute to play the short stack toms and bass drum.

The funky looking, neo-modern, and edgy GoKit will play any music you throw at it, from drum ‘n’ bass to fusion to bop to Latin. The GoKit is a big sounding kit that will stow easily in small cars. (Remember, it won’t make your stereo sound any better.)

Here’s Dave and the crew talking about Drumathon 2008.

Visible School is an independent college designed from the ground up to uniquely prepare creative young Christian men and women for skilled, relational ministry through the purposed exploration of their talents as applied to an empowered artistic calling. They fill the gap in education where vocational colleges, Bible schools, universities, and the school of experience cross but don’t meet. Right in the center is VISIBLE SCHOOL, with an integrated, holistic, academic, vocational, discipleship and community-based program that feels like hard work, purposed fun, and real family simultaneously.

Drummer Talk started out by Visible School’s Director of Percussion, Dave Kropf, as a simple weekly podcast devoted to drums, percussion, news, technology, and other drumming topics. Part education, part editorial, part morning-drive radio, the Drummer Talk podcast is drummers getting together and chatting about drums. Drummer Talk has grown to nearly 1000 regular listeners per week with the numbers growing daily.

So let’s all go help the guys get to PASIC so they can drool all over the drums and learn more to become better drummers than the rest of us.

Do you tweet?

October 15, 2008

We do

oh my gawd! He’s playing Taye

October 3, 2008