Introducing, The Past

Keep BeBoppin’ along with Taye’s Studio Maple Traditional BeBop sizes.


Taye Drums’ Studio Maple line is already known for moving when you move, responding to every touch of the drum. Now, Taye Drums allows you to do it with their new BeBop configuration. With the looks and sounds of yesteryear, take advantage of the Studio Maple’s solid shell design with 6 alternating vertical and horizontal plies of 100% North American Sugar Maple.

You will enjoy the smooth sound and traditional look of a 12”x8” rack tom, 14”x14” floor tom, 18”x14” bass drum with a matching 14” x 5” snare drum. Available in Black Oyster (SM418BP-BO, shown) and White Pearl (SM418BP-WP) with a retail price of $1919, make sure you have Taye on your side.

It is time to take Taye home with you and let everyone hear how good you sound.


One Response to “Introducing, The Past”

  1. SFL Says:

    Kits look old-school awesome! Can’t wait to try one out. Are you guys going to have a set at NAMM?

    We posted the press release tonight:

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