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See Taye Drums, Love Taye Drums….get stuff

October 29, 2008

Don’t we all love SWAG?  Wikipedia says, (I love the W)

Invented acronyms in modern slang

The modern usage of the word “swag” has been subject of a number of acronyms[1], usually for humorous effect, such as “Scientific Wild-Ass Guess”, or backronyms, such as “Stuff We All Get” (in reference to the word’s American usage). While use of the word “swag” can be cited as far back as 700 years[2], slang acronyms such as these are modern inventions, and as with all backronyms, are not related to the word’s true etymology.

Anyway, we would love some love from you lovely people.

The best pun on Twitter about “Taye” gets a shirt…(or maybe the top 3, you never know what will happen with Taye Drums!)

I will let ya’ll know!  It’s too punny for me…..woohoo…ok..ok…I have to stop.